Nicole Brown

Wedding Assistant
3 Years

I am contactable any day of the week in case of last minute emergencies or extra assistance

Personal Info

I love getting to know interesting and genuine people. It is a magical thing when two people decide to commit to being on this journey together. A wedding is a celebration of this moment and if planned well, it will linger for the rest of their lives. The same can be said for all special events! Seeing a project through to completion is highly rewarding – it is like no other job! I have been in the event and hospitality industry for over fifteen years. I have worked for restaurateurs such as WolfGang Puck, Marcus Samuelson and Steve Hanson to name a few.

In Press

  • Forbes
  • New York Times
  • Smashing Magazine
  • Entrepreneur
  • First Magazine


  • The Type Direction Club 60
  • ClassiCon-Brochure 2017
  • The Good Design Awards 2017
  • For Print Only-Under consideation
  • CI Magazin 2017

Professional Experience

I have been on the consulting opening team of ten successful restaurants and three hotels. I have also previously shadowed some of the best designers prior to opening. I know what happens behind the scenes for each vendor and have a knack for making each event as cohesive as possible. I am also very athletic and prefer being outdoors and, if time allows, doing yoga every day. I am happiest in the sun, at the beach or on a mountain, with a perfect kale salad, rare streak and crispy salty shoestring fries.

My favorite moment of a wedding is right before you both walk down the aisle. My favorite moment of other types of events is when our clients see their event ready to go just prior to guest arrival. If given an unlimited budget I would milk the ceremony making it as fabulous as possible with a full symphony, lighting spectacular and a few great performances chock-full of meaningful content to truly reflect the importance and sweetness of the moment.

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